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Mr. Mohamed Hassan

Founder of Utili Field Construction & General Contracting in Elbait Magazine.

Elbait magazine interviewed the gardens designer Mr. Mohamed Hassan.Theinterviewwasaboutthecompany mainprofessionin Landscape designingwithmany images includedinthe article fromour Work portfolio.


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Curriculum Vitae for Eng. Mohamed Hassan:

Personal Skills

  • The completion of the implementation of a book on the development of agriculture in the Arab world, which includes information gathering, and that information was collected in the book over a period of 15 years, and the book consists of approximately 1650 pages and talks about development agriculture and gardens in the Arab world and plant varieties therein. And explains the history of gardening in the Arab world in Egypt and some Arab countries such as (Muhammad Ali and his role in the development of agriculture in Egypt and the extent of its influence in the introduction of many new plants for Egypt – the development of agriculture throughout the history from the dinosaurian era until now – many scientific research on some trees such as trees Resin, Agarwood, Rubber, etc. – Documentation of plants used in gardens and agriculture in the Arab world – Biography of vegetable and tropical gardens and organic gardens – Some hard scape works such as marble types, tiles, pools, fountains, garden furniture etc….).
  • Gathering plants around the world and make sources for Trees and Palms. Traveling to many countries to visit the botanical gardens around the world to collect botanical data and enter them into the botanical gardens in Egypt (Orman Garden).
  • I brought some modern plants to Egypt, which were not present before in Egypt,
    such as (Bismarckia palm – Foxtail Plam – Dypsis Decaryi Palm).

Cultural and Social Activities:

1- In Egypt:

  • Participation in many exhibitions in Egypt from 1995 to 2005 (International Agricultural Exhibition – International Exhibition for Horticultural Crops).
  • Flower exhibition from 1995 to 2005.
  • Member of the HEIA Horticulture Export Improvement Association.
  • Member of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Association in Egypt.
  • Member of the International Palm Society in USA.
  • Participation and writing in Al-Bait Misr magazine issued by Al-Ahram
    newspaper from 2005 to 2010, This is a summary of what came in the
    interview (Al-Bait Magazine is pleased and presented by the architect
    designer, Mohamed Hassan, and the interview was about the company’s main
    profession in landscaping designing and implementing landmarks and its
    unconventional philosophy in coordinating Japanese gardens that Follow it
    brilliantly and add creative oriental touches in the garden).
  • Representing Egypt in international conferences and exhibitions in 2005 and
    2006 to attend the conference of traded plants in Dubai and the agricultural
    exhibition representing Egypt.

2- In Dubai

  • Participation in many exhibitions from 2013 to date (IPM – BIG 5 – CITY SCAPE).
  • Participation in the Landscape Middle East Magazine, which is published in Egypt, Arab Gulf countries, Jordan and other countries. And issued by the Landscape magazine in America.

3- In Europe

  • Participation in the flower exhibition (Istanbul Tulip Festival) in Turkey in 2019.
  • Participation in the flower exhibition (Tulip Festival) in the Netherlands in 2019.

Countries visited internally and externally to collect plant information and seeds and planting them within the botanical gardens:

1- Egypt: collecting Seeding and inserting some modern plants from within the ancient gardens established by Muhammad Ali inside Egypt and using into the landscape from the Maryland Garden – Orman Garden (Botanical Garden) – visiting the Botanical Garden in Aswan – Mohammad Ali Palace (Manial Palace) – Al Zohriya Garden in Zamalek

2- Arab countries: some Arab countries that have been visited and doing botanical cooperation with some countries as (Dubai – Saudi Arabia – Oman – Qatar – Syria – Lebanon – Tunisia – Morocco – Algeria – Mauritania – Sudan and some other countries).

3- African countries: some countries that have been visited for research for the types of forest soil, For use in creating new and useful soils for use in landscape (Kenya – Ethiopia – Tanzania).

4- European countries: some countries that have been traveled it and went to the Botanical Gardens in it as (Turkey – Netherlands – Italy – Spain).

5- East Asia: some Countries that visited and collected tropical plants to establish Tropical Gardens and adaptation of some plants (Sri Lanka – India – Malaysia – Singapore).

Cooperation with many European countries and East Asian countries for importing ornamental plants inside Egypt, Dubai and Qatar: Italy - Spain - Thailand - China - Turkey.

Research and scientific works

  • Collecting some soil compounds (AGRO Soil) in Kenya through the introduction of red forest soil to be introduced and exported to many countries. And clarify the benefits of agricultural and red soil (AGRO Soil) , Which are summarized as following (Agro soil conditioner is an organic fertilizer, animal manure which can naturally neutralize excess should be salts as well as soil acidity in addition o support soil physical properties and qualities such as texture, structure and soil color giving it lot of advantages. Reduced impact on equipment maintenance environment friendly, no unpleasant odor, fine particles, soft, smooth when dry, retains, nutrients, retains water, cool and dense, welldrained, rich in nutrients, fertile, ….etc).
  • Insertion of volcanic soil in the composition of plants packed in planters internally and externally due to the proven success of the volcanic soil quality (in Kenya).
  • Insertion of some precious stones, such as (Malachite – Lapis Lazuli – Tiger’s Eye) for use in making some slabs for use in hard landscape.

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