Our Gardens Egypt Completed Projects

Projects that have been implemented by our companies around the world: Gardens Egypt landscaping from 1995 – 2004:

Completed Projects Name's
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfor 37villas,PalmHills- SheikhZaid.
Executing the Landscape works and waterfall work for 17 villas, City View - Cairo - Alexandria desertroad.
Design and implementation work for all Landscape,waterfalls, cultivation and green wallsfor Aydin Rock village - Cairo -Alexandria desertroad.
Roadlayoutdesignworks at FardiVillage-Cairo-Alexandriadesertroad.
Executing the Landscape works for Al Rihab city and cities of Talaat Mostfa.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfortheFour SeasonHotel Sharm Alsheikh.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksforMijawishVillage Al Ghardaka.
Designandexecutionof Landscape andtiling atFutureVillage– Cairo – Alexandria desert road.
Design and execution of Landscape and tiling Green village – Cairo – Alexandria desert road.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfor Qatr Al NadaVillage Cairo – Alexandria desert road.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfor MoonValleyVillage Sheikh Zaid.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfor 17 villasat KotimeyahHills.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfor LakeViewVillage - FifthDistr.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfor Du sitsHotel FifthDistrict.
Supply and supervising for planting in the city Madinaty.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfor Riviera Village for workers in Kuwait the Northern Coast.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworksfor EmaarEgypt(AlMokatam-AlKatimeya-Northern Coast).
Design work for Lina Village - Al Katimeya.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworks and supervision of implementation at the American University in Egypt - Al Katimeya.
Supply and planting ofrare plantsfor AL –AlAzhar Park -AghaKhan.
Villadevelopmentwork forPrinceBandarBinAbdul-Aziz-Al Zamalik.
ExecutingtheLandscapeworks for Heaven Rock Cairo – Alexandria desert road.

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