The completion of the implementation of a book on the development of agriculture in the Arab world, which includes information gathering, and that information was collected in the book over a period of 15 years, and the book consists of approximately 1650 pages and talks about development agriculture and gardens in the Arab world and plant varieties therein. And explains the history of gardening in the Arab world in Egypt and some Arab countries such as (Muhammad Ali and his role in the development of agriculture in Egypt and the extent of its influence in the introduction of many new plants for Egypt – the development of agriculture throughout the history from the dinosaurian era until now – many scientific research on some trees such as trees Resin, Agarwood, Rubber, etc. – Documentation of plants used in gardens and agriculture in the Arab world – Biography of vegetable and tropical gardens and organic gardens – Some hard scape works such as marble types, tiles, pools, fountains, garden furniture etc….).

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